Svein Kjellesvik

Executive Chairman

Mr. Svein Kjellesvik holds a Masters degree in Applied Geophysics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim, Norway (received in 1973).

Starting as a Seismic Processing Geophysicist in Stavanger in 1975, Mr. Kjellesvik has held leading positions in Schlumberger's seismic division. He has also been the President of their Global Marine Seismic Division.

Mr. Kjellesvik has played leading roles in key innovations in the seismic industry which includes multi-cable 3D seismic, 4 component seismic, and seismic 4D.

He has also served at the corporate headquarter of Schlumberger. Since retiring from Schlumberger in 2002, Mr. Kjellesvik has been an independent entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has been involved in the start-up of Rex Oil & Gas and Lime Petroleum.